Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You guys...YOU GUYS....I dont know what possessed me to even try this but, OH MAN.

So, I was making a turkey pot pie and i topped it with some puff pasty dough and I had some little pieces left over from when I was cleaning up the edges.
So i combined them and rolled them out and I dropped a little dollop of nutella in the middle and sealed it up and threw it into my waffle stick maker.

I had no intentions of posting a recipe for it because, it's not really a recipe, lol.
However, due to such an overwhemling response to the pictures I posted, I am putting the easypeasy directions right here for you to make them yourself.

I didn't have any nutella the second time around so I made raspberry filled ones, and just for funzies and to show you that you can fill these things with ANYTHING, I made a turkey & cheese filled one.
Imagine filling one with fried chicken? BEST CHICKEN & WAFFLES EVER.

So, here we go.
What you need:
1 waffle iron (I used a waffle stick maker but you can use a regular waffle iron)
Puffy Pastry Sheets (2 sheets come in a box so for several waffles you're gonna need like 4 or 5 boxes)
Filling of choice (I used raspberry and turkey & cheese!)
**Im gonna give you directions for a regular waffle iron because i'm sure not everyone has a waffle stick maker.**

So you're gonna open up the pastry dough and lay it flat (I strongly advise you to sprinkle some flour on your work surface before you do this) roll out the puff pastry a bit just to get the creases from where it was folded, out.

Use a pizza slicer (or a round cookie cutter or even a square cookie cutter if your wafle maker makes square waffles) to cut out some circles (or squares) the size of the waffle you want.

In the center of your puff pastry circle, place your filling. Becareful not to put TOO much filling because you don't want it comeing out the sides. Once you have your filling in there place another puff pastry circle on top of the filling and seal the sides. i like to fold the edges over twice just for a little extra security.

Once your waffle iron is heated and ready place your circle in the waffle section close the lid and when the puff pastry is golden brown your waffle is done.

If you are making sweet fillings, like nutella or fruit filled waffles, sprinkling some powdered sugar on top is a good idea. It adds a little extra sweetness and it looks cute, but its totally not necessary.

Heres a picture of the Turkey & Cheese waffle stick if you were curious...