Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sammies

I did have a post started, but in the middle of cooking my camera just stopped working. So I ended up with no pictures and I was not about to post a text only post, thats not fun. I finally got the camera situation remedied and I'll have a proper recipe post up soon. For right now though, I'm gonna tell you how to make that sweet creation above, though, it's not exactly difficult.

You're gonna need to bake the gooey chocolate cookies i posted a few weeks ago...go ahead and find it, i'll wait.
 You're also going to need:
1 gallon of the cookies & cream ice cream of your choice.
1 pack of oreos (cream removed from the inside & the cookie part crushed up.)

So, once you've baked those bad boys up and let them cool (preferably overnight, but a few hours will do) you're going to put a scoop or 2 of cookies & cream ice cream on the underside of one cookie and top with another cookie. Once the sandwich is formed turn it on it's side and then roll the edges of the ice cream sandwich in the oreo crumbles.

Wrap each ice cream sandwich in plastic wrap and refreeze until you're ready to serve them.
You can do this with any combination of cookies/ice creams. some of my favorite combinations are:

-peanut butter cookies w/ chocolate ice cream rolled in reeses pices or chopped up reeses peanut butter cups.

-chocolate cookies with vanilla ice cream rolled in heath bar crumbles

-chocolate cookies with raspberry ice cream rolled in dark chocolate & white chocolate chips.