Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mora Surf Boutique

A few years ago, a friend of ours gave me a gift certificate to a new boutique, called Mora, that some friends of his had just opened. I went over, not really knowing what to expect, and half expecting a store full of things I was going to hate. I was fully prepared to be forced into spending the gift certificate on things I'd never wear. What I found, however, was a store full of everything I wanted to take home with me.

For Christmas, that same friend who sent me there originally, bought Molly some things for christmas from there and they were were so cute I just had to share.
A little Owl hat with matching shoes.
Close up of the shoes, because they are just TOO CUTE.

A little background on the shop owners. They are sisters from Argentina, who are inspired by the beach and active lifestyles. While in Argentina they started a line of workout clothes and beachwear called Bodyshape, moved to the US, and after a while created Mora. The pieces are extremely comfortable and all have their own little bits of love and uniqueness sewn into them. I own several of their pieces, lounge pants, sweat pants, hoodies, & hats to name a few, and each piece is insanely comfortable and well made.
 If you are ever in Deerfield Beach, definitely stop in and check out the store, You can also drop by the website if you don't live in Florida and purchase some items online, or click on the where to buy section to find out what local surf shops near you carry their products.