Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cheshire Cat Cupcake

My family and I go to Walt Disney World A LOT, and I am always trying a new food from somewhere in the parks because the menus are constantly changing. So, I've decided to start reviewing different foods from the parks. I do read the Disney Food Blog quite regularly and always take recommendations from other readers and the writers. I've discovered some of my favorite Disney food spots that way.

Generally, I am not a sweets lover, I've mentioned this before, but,  I will choose savory over sweet 9 times out of 10. So imagine my husbands surprise when I said I wanted to try this addition to the menu at the Cheshire Cat Cafe in Fantasyland.

I introduce to you.....The Cheshire Cat Cupcake.
Now, like I said, I am not a sweets person, but if I'm eating cake you can bet it's a corner piece with as much of the flowers as possible. I only like the frosting, I don't need cake. If someone gives me a cupcake, I'm licking off the frosting and throwing the rest away. All I want is the sugary stuff. So, enter the Cheshire Cat Cupcake.....It's literally a big cup of frosting with tiny funfetti type cake layers lost somewhere in the mounds of frosting. SO DELICIOUS. The front of the Cupcake has an edible image of the Cheshire Cat. The flavor of this is very obviously Vanilla, but it comes in Chocolate as well and the chocolate version is called "Mad Hatter Mocha".  The price is fairly low, $4.19.
I honestly expected it to be higher. There are tables just to the left of the cafe and they are covered, so, it's a perfect spot to take a little break in your day and enjoy a sweet treat.

What is your favorite Disney Sweet?