Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Influenster: Jolly Vox Box

Hello, Friends!

So, I was invited to join this awesome social media community called influenster. Basically you give reviews of products you've tried and occasionally if you qualify for the items in the current boxes which they call a "vox box", they will send you products to try. I just received my first box box and i received the following things:

This lip lacquer from Rimmel London is PHENOMENAL. 
It's not thick and goopy like most lacquers, 
in fact i could barely tell i was wearing it. It's really long lasting too. I didn't get to choose my color obviously, but the color i was sent was Celestial. It's a really pretty pink shade.

I received this HD Color Trio from NYC, which I ended up loving so much I've used it everyday. The color is vivid and didn't require lots of applications to be able to see it. It's a nice neutral soft color pallet as well so it goes with anything and didn't make my make up too over the top. The downside...that stupid little sponge brush. it irritates my eye lids. Coming with a regular eye shadow brush would be more beneficial.
I also received a roll of ducklings tape in the black and pink tiger stripe pattern. I actually used it to put some extra flair into a scrapbook I made my cousin for christmas. If you haven't tried duck tape for a craft project, do it, it's amazing. 

Wo doesn't love candy? I'm not typically a fan of chocolate so I gave these Skinny Cow divine filled chocolates (peanut butter creme flavor) to my husband to try. I did not tell him it was Skinny Cow brand of course because he might have refused to try it. He loved it. When he asked who made it and i told him, he was truly shocked. He couldn't believe there was only 130 calories in one little pouch! The downside is you cannot stop at just one pouch of candy, so you end up consuming more than that 130 calories they advertise on the box.

Last and certainly not least in my box box i received a packet of the Puffs ultra soft & strong to go tissues. Im constantly wiping my daughters nose/mouth because she's a 1yr old and she drools and has snot and what not, as all toddlers tend to have. I will only use Puffs ultra soft to wipe her face. It's soft and gentle on her sensitive skin (she turns red very easily) and i don't have to be concerned about irritating her skin and making her uncomfortable. It's literally like wiping your face with a cloud.

**I received these items complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes**