Monday, January 14, 2013

Ella's Kitchen organic baby food

We've been trying baby food for roughly 2 months now. It's taken a bit for Molly to figure out what to do with the food once it was in her mouth, but she finally got it. She only gets baby food once a day and then she gets a bottle if she's still hungry. Up until about a week ago, the only flavor she liked was strawberry. Then she started tolerating the pears & apples.
Today we tried this one:
They make those little spoon ends that screw onto the end of the pouch, 
but i find it a little cumbersome so i use a regular baby spoon. 

I just squeeze a little dollop onto the spoon and feed her that way. It keeps me from having a mess when she reaches for the bowl and tips it over and prevents me from dropping any while I go from the bowl to her mouth.  She really seemed to enjoy this flavor blend. I'd say I would be purchasing it again, however, through some research of my own, I've found that the nutritional facts listed on the pouches are not accurate.

The pouch states that the iron content of the serving size (a serving is 1 pouch) is 45% of the daily value, that is incorrect. The iron content in this particular pouch is actually only 2%. Yes, you read that correctly, 2%! Thankfully, my daughter get's her solids in addition to her a bottle so shes still getting her required nutrients but this is not satisfactory for children who are not getting a bottle in addition to their solids. The company stated it was a "printing error" but only when they were contacted and questioned about it, they also have no notice or anything posted on their website about this.
 If you have infants who are currently eating this product, be aware of the false nutritional facts on the packaging.

Now onto a few pictures of our little baby food adventure...